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Explore, connect, learn, and collaborate to become a community member. People become community members (builders that build community) by contributing ideas and other technical expertise. People become contributors (contributors to the code base) by working with code.



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Community Blog


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Explore our Education and Research pages for deeper engagement with topics surrounding mobile development and smart, healthy communities.

How Can I Contribute?


Start out by consulting our Guidance Tree to find your place in the community. Click through the suggested categories until you find the contribution type for you! Or keep scrolling for information that will help coders and open-source builders alike.

Check out open-source repositories and developer resources


Our Github repository contains all open-source Rokwire code and issues. Our developers page contains detailed information about our APIs and other technical details.

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Submit an idea for a Rokwire feature, a topical event, or other great ideas you would like to see represented in the community!

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Read the Contributor Guide and Wiki and follow instructions for making defined contributions to our community.

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Participate in discussions and coding events. Initiate discussions with other contributors anytime!

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